At Cobbles we are continually looking for ways in which we can become a more sustainable and environmentally friendly restaurant and are aware of the impact businesses like ours could have on the environment, which is why we are always seeking ways to lessen our carbon footprint.

One of our biggest focuses at the moment is our initiative to ban all single use plastic from our restaurant within the next 12 months and become a plastic free restaurant.


We are working with our suppliers, have voiced our concerns and are slowly receiving less plastic wrapped produce. In addition to this, you will never be offered a plastic carrier bag or takeaway tub from us, we are slowly eradicating plastic bottles for our drinks and instead opting for glass or aluminiun and are seeking an alternative for one of the most harmful objects to marine life – plastic straws.

Small changes such as these will have a big impact. We need to collectively work together to protect and preserve our environment for future generations and for the future of our oceans.